July 22-25 2010

Lofthus i Hardanger


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Morellfestivalen 2010:

Per Olav Opedal
Trond instebø
Fredrik Opedal
Harald H. Opedal
Ingvar Hus

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The idea of this festival had it's origin partly in the commune of Ullensvang- and in the agriculture department and the fruitfarmers. The main motivation for arranging such a festivity on a yearly basis in Lofthus, was to encourage people of Ullensvang's interest in the sweet cherry production. The festival was meant to be arranged by a collaboration of farmers, Ullensvang commune, various organisations and other interested individuals.

The very first festival was held in 1996. One attraction was the Norwegian Championship in "sweet sherry stone spitting" Ronny Boge from Steinvik in Fusa wan that year by spitting a stone 9,8 meters.

The festival was to be arranged every last weekend of July- where markets of handcraft, exhibitions and sale of local food were natural ingredients.

Thru the years it has been several offers to join boat trips along the fjord, visits on the farms, fruitgardentours, horsebackriding, conserts, folklore, bakingcompetition, tasting- and ranging of the best applecider and sweet sherry wine, informal lecture, play and dance.

In 1997 was the third internationale sweet sherry symposium - with experts from 26 countries - arranged in Lofthus, the same weekend as the Sweet Sherry festival. The festival was opened by the countymayor Magnar Lussand, chairman Magnus Mjør and the director of the organisation "Traveldestination Hardanger", Helge Møller. The same year work by artists like Odd Nerdrum, Roald Tellnes and Dagfinn Instanes was to be found at a exhibition regarding Norwegian fruitfarming in the Hardangergallery. Anne Ljones was represented with her traditional handcraftat at Skredhaugen.



This is how it all started, and with a few changes over the years the festival has become a tradition in Lofthus. Several celebrities has contributed to this festival. For example Fridtjof Wilborn - the person in charge of the Norwegian Championship in sweet sherry stone spitting -, Frode Aga, "Lisa the chef", Lars Barmen, Hans Robert Bruun and Kjetil Fuglehaug with the show "From attic to cellar"

In 2006 we got a new addition to the festival; bikecycling ride "tour the southfjord" and the winner was Nils Magne Hagen. As in 1997 was this year's festival too combined with a conference. The focus was "imported fruit competition" and took place at Plantforsk Ullensvang's premises.

Several local producers of applejuice, preseved fruit and applechutney did manage to promote them selves in 2006.

The big happening every year is the Norwegian Championship in sweet cherry stone spitting. The record is an incredible spit of 14,24 meters and is held by Sverre Kleivkås from Lofthus. The competition is divided in to three categories; junior, women and men.

Ever since the start in 1996, it has been beautiful summerweather all thru the last weekend of July, when the festival is held.


Thanks to those who make it possible

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